Joe Washington Speaks

“Adapt!  And garden smart” 

With more Americans over 65 years old than at any time in history, there is a trend toward aging in place.  With homes being built to accommodate our aging population and people with disabilities, why not adapt our gardens to do the same? Joe has talked with experts in horticulture therapy and landscaping and he’s developed a “one stop shop” with tools, tips and techniques to keep gardening on your lifetime “can-do” list.

The combination of lack of mobility because of aging or disability and performing what can be strenuous tasks make for a unique challenge in the garden.  One solution does not fit every individual and Washington’s presentation will provide some ideas to suit individual needs.

His presentation is well suited to any venue, from home and garden shows to garden clubs. To schedule and discuss rates contact Joe

“Joe Washington’s talk on adaptive gardening - just great as expected… Good to know about some of these techniques before we need them”. Kim